mURIEL♥ (antiflag_) wrote in omfgawz,

~The Application
Name;; Muriel
Age;; 14
Sex;;[If you say yes please, we`ll hate you.] lol female
Why did you join?;; you like mcr, much more needed to be said?

Bands//Singers;;[The more, the better] TBS, MCR, Rancid, Antiflag, Beastie boys, The cure, Coheed & cambria, Alkaline trio, The casualties, The distillers, The Ramones, The killers, Nirvana, SLR..

What are five things you like?;;
1] boys
2] girls
3] music
4] food
5] sleeping.

How about five things you dislike?;;
1] stereotypes
2] discriminatives
3] homophobics
4] conservatives
5] assholes

1]Is there anybody that you think honestly deserves to die?;; [Who&why]
My assistant Principal. He makes me cry. Hes evil. Yeah, he should die.
Um other than that no.

2]Are you artistic? If so, do you have anything you can show us?;; I'm not "artsy" but I have artistic ability. I guess I could make something for you...
(i did this really quick for you and its nothing at all, all i did was rearrange the picture...)

3]Is that cottage cheese?;; Yes, and I wouldn`t have it any other way.

4]Where did you hear about us?;; Search engine.

5]Will you//can you make banners for this community?;; I think I can whip somethin up..

Promote to at least one community or your journal on LJ, and show us the link[s].;;

Like it?

2+ Pictures;; Pics of me? Sure.
I look bad but ok.
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