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Have fun, I know I did.

~The Application
Name;; Maria but most people online call me Bubbles, and sometimes my friends call my Gibson.
Age;; 13 (please don't base on age, I'm mature for my age. Not my fault I was born in 91)
Sex;;[If you say yes please, we`ll hate you.] Female.
Why did you join?;; Because I'm bored, I like the name, and I've been thinking about trying out a rating community. This just happens to be the one I've come across.

Bands//Singers;;[The more, the better] AFI, The Cure, Action Action, Atreyu, Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Tiger Army, Eighteen Visions, Ryan Cabrera (Shuddup), Bright Eyes, Minor Threat, The Strokes, The Ramones, David Bowie, The Used, Marilyn Manson, Prince, Rancid, Placebo, From First To Last, Johnny Cash, Nin Inch Nails, The Smiths, HIM (and so many more)

What are five things you like?;;
1] Music
2] Writing
3] Dance Dance Revolution
4] Spending time with my friends
5] concerts

How about five things you dislike?;;
1] Liers
2] Drugs
3] Lil Jon
4] People that cut and are suicidal for attention
5] Fangirls/boys

1]Is there anybody that you think honestly deserves to die?;; [Who&why] Yes, my "friend" Hannah who lies and pretend to cut, and smokes to be cool, and is a complete bitch to everyone, and will fuck anything that moves. She also made out with my best friend (a guy) right infront of my for 1 hour at her "party", and it was also infront of his exgirlfriend. And thought she did nothing wrong at all. And then claimed to be straight edge, yet admits to smoking pot and drinking gin (a lot)

2]Are you artistic? If so, do you have anything you can show us?;; I'm not very good at drawing, although I enjoy it. Nothing that I can show though (no scanner). My forte is writing.

3]Is that cottage cheese?;; Yes, and I wouldn`t have it any other way.

4]Where did you hear about us?;; Randomly searching for things (this one being hundam *blush*) and finding it. I liked the name so I clicked it.

5]Will you//can you make banners for this community?;; I could but they wouldn't be very good.

Promote to at least one community or your journal on LJ, and show us the link[s].;;

2+ Pictures;; I only have one recent one, sorry I don't have a digital camera. And it isn't that good of quality but here it is, myself and Mick of Eighteen Visions-

^^Horrible lighting, sorry folks. But I wont have a good one unless someone wants to buy me a digital camera.

Thanks and goodnight
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