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+8pics behind the cut. just a warning.

~The Application
Name;; Kae
Age;; 16
Sex;;[If you say yes please, we`ll hate you.] It was tempting to say 'Yes, please' just by reading that.=); But, I'm female.
Why did you join?;; Because placebokicksass is my baby's momma.

Bands//Singers;;[The more, the better] [i listen to bands from emo :: metal, & everything in between, it's an oxymoron i know]]]]] postalservice, deathcab for a cutie, placebo, the cure, the faint, the shines, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, the used, jack off jill, my ruin, scarling, murderdolls, the smiths, the blood brothers, le tigre, from autumn to ashes, rooney(ahaha), tool, a perfect circle, brighteyes, hot hot heat, OK! go, custom, rob zombie, ect.

What are five things you like?;;
1] Diet Dr. Pepper ;yummy!
2] Glowing things.
3] Nahshon<3
4] Nerd's Rope
5] Cold sheets

How about five things you dislike?;;
1] Not having hot water in the bathtub/shower.
2] Being pushed into a pool.
3] The feeling you get, when you know the person you really like, doesn't like you back
4] Having an itch on your foot.
5] When you finished writting filling out an application, and lj deletes it.

1]Is there anybody that you think honestly deserves to die?;; [Who&why] No. Because, everyone deserves to live. Though, I'd like to see this one chick::Emelie Wilson, to be put through torture for hurting on of my bestfriends after he broke up w/ her, and got the whole football team to kick his ass.

2]Are you artistic? If so, do you have anything you can show us?;; Me&My friend Andrew wrote this poem together, so we can show each other the feelings we had..
Your eyes are like fire,
They burn deep in my soul.
I want you so bad, I just can*t let you know.

I pass you in the halls,
You look me in the eye,
And for a moment I think you see,
What I*m feeling inside.

I wish I could tell you,
How you make me feel,
But words can*t describe it,
So, I know this is real.

For now I*ll keep this to myself,
And wait until I have the nerve to say,
My feelings are pure & true,
I*ll be silently praying for that day.

3]Is that cottage cheese?;;Yes, and I wouldn`t have it any other way

4]Where did you hear about us?;; In _abeautysgrave_

5]Will you//can you make banners for this community?;; Sure if you'd like me too.

Promote to at least one community or your journal on LJ, and show us the link[s].;; OKAE. I shall do this in a little while, but I will because I love you.

2+ Pictures;;

^my hair looks nasty in that pic, please excuse it.

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