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~The Application
Name;;  Erika
Age;;  15
Sex;;[If you say yes please, we`ll hate you.] Female
Why did you join?;; Because, it's amy's community and all of amy's communities are the shit :-p

Bands//Singers;;[The more, the better] Beatles are freakin awesome, Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, Me first and the gimme gimmes, Blink 182, Sum 41, cKy, Chevelle, The clash, guns n' roses, ACDC, evanescence. basically, stuff like that.

What are five things you like?;;
1] Listening to my music
2] Using the computer a lot
3] Drawing
4] Hanging out with friends
5] Sometimes, just being by myself and thinking.

How about five things you dislike?;;
1] Rap music, blech.
2] Parents bugging you to get off the computer...
3] hmm, w3n ppl typ3 lyk3 th1S.
4] oR lIkE tHiS. ItS rEaLlY aNnOyInG!
5] math

1]Is there anybody that you think honestly deserves to die?;; [Who&why]
    Nah, no one that i think. some people deserve to suffer though, nameless. :-p

2]Are you artistic? If so, do you have anything you can show us?;;
    I guess i am somewhat artistic. heres something i did a while ago.
i dont know why the color didnt come out.

3]Is that cottage cheese?;;
     Yes, and I wouldn`t have it any other way.

4]Where did you hear about us?;;
    From amy's journal.

5]Will you//can you make banners for this community?;;
   Yea, i can make animated ones too, with animation shop.

Promote to at least one community or your journal <b>on LJ</b>, and show us the link[s].;;

2+ Pictures;;

my salute::


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